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How to Find The Ideal House For Sale in Key West, Florida

So, you want to buy a wonderful home in Key West, Florida? There are a few things to consider. If you’re not already aware, the island is divided into three sections; Old Town, Mid Town, and New Town.


The New Town area is close to the bridge where you first enter the Island of the Conch Republic, when you cross the 42nd and final bridge, of the 42 bridges that connect the mainland to Key West! New Town would include all of the shopping for groceries at stores such as Publix, Winn Dixie, Sears, K-Mart, and such when you take a right turn off the bridge and head onto North Roosevelt Boulevard. If you make a left and head onto South Roosevelt Boulevard, you will quickly get to the Key West International Airport. There is always plenty of free parking in the New Town area of Key West. Home prices may be a bit more reasonable, and some of the homes are much newer.

Mid Town is just like it sounds, it’s in between New Town and Old Town, and it encompasses approximately the middle third of the island. Of course, Old Town is the far end of the island, the farthest away from where you enter Key West, and this is where most of the tourist attractions are located, and consequently, it’s where most of the tourists stay and where they enjoy most of their time on Key West. Places such as the Key West Aquarium, Sloppy Joe’s, The Harry S. Truman Little White House, Mel Fisher’s Maritime Museum, and so forth, are all located in Old Town.

You can find quaint little houses in Old Town, and the prices may be high for some folks, but if you live there, you will be able to walk to many of the wonderful things that Key West has to offer. The walking aspect is a huge benefit because folks who are driving from New Town, as well as many tourists, are faced with the challenge of finding parking spots, and parking can often cost $20, $30, or even $40 for the day. There are many iconic restaurants and businesses found in Old Town, and if you can swing it, you will love living there!

If you need a fabulous and well-established realtor in Key West, you will want to utilize a well-respected leader in the business, such as Key West Luxury Real Estate, Inc.! We have more than a dozen fantastic realtors who live here in the Keys and who are experts in the business! Check back regularly for more exciting information about The Conch Republic, and you can learn where that name came from!


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