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::Conch-Styled Houses::

Key West is the southernmost point of Florida.   

It is about 4 hours away from Miami, which is made accessible from the mainland

via Overseas Highway, and 90 miles away from Cuba. 

This tropical oasis is renowned for its pastel-hued conch-styled homes.

The conch houses were developed in the 19th century by Bahamian immigrants known as CONCHS.

Influenced by neoclassical architecture, these conch houses feature high ceilings, wood flooring and over-size windows… allowing tropical breeze to circulate. 

As the years passed by, more and more conch-styled houses were built in  Key West, earning its nickname

“The Conch Republic.”

If you’re dreaming to own one, then contact me today. 

I would love to help you get your own CONCH-Home!

Dan Serban
Real Estate Expert
Key West Luxury Real Estate Inc.
(305) 797 2352


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